A banner that says Book Club with a shelf of books behind it.

Welcome to Book Club!

Formerly the Geek Herring Book Club.

Book club is a space for geeks, feminists, readers, strangers, friends, witches, and gamers (you get where I’m going with this) to come together, read a book, and chat about it.

It’s a safe, fun space to read new books, talk about them, and hopefully make some new friends in the process!

The Books:

Book Club is a fun space to read the books we want to, from any genre across fiction and non-fiction. We absolutely take suggestions for the next book!

Current Book for November 2022: Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay (Find it on GoodReads) and support your local bookstore if you can!

Past Books: 
White Fragility (July 2020)
Delusions of Gender (August 2020)
With the Fire on High (October 2020)
Written in the Stars (December 2020)
The Body Is Not an Apology (January 2021)
What We Talk About When We Talk About Race (April 2021)
Queer Intentions: A (Personal) Journey Through LGBTQ+ Culture (June 2021)
The 2000’s Made Me Gay (September 2022)

Here’s how it works:

Book club runs 6 times a year, bi-monthly
Books are announced on the first of the month before we read (ie if we’re reading in January, the book will be announced on December 1st.)

Each book will have a suggested structure/breakdown to help you keep on track with reading. You don’t need to follow this structure! But if you thrive with structure, we got you! If you prefer to binge read or you don’t finish the book by the end of the month – hey, no sweat. This is just for fun! You do you, boo.

Then we talk about it!

The Discussion:

Discussion takes place in a private Discord once per month.
Anyone who wants to join can, whether they’ve finished reading the book or not.
You can join the video chat, with camera on or off, or join the text-party chat, or simply tune in and listen to everyone else speak. 

There will also be questions and prompts put in Discord throughout the month to help facilitate our discussion of the book as we go and at our big discussion.

Please join us with your book, our beverage of choice, and wearing whatever you’re most cosy in to chat about it.

Ready to Join?

That’s awesome! We’re so excited to have you! You can join the Geek Herring Discord right away to get in on the next book!
If you’re nervous or unsure about taking the step, please reach out to me through the website or in my Twitter or Instagram DMs. I’m happy to chat with you about it!

I can’t wait to read with you!

xoxo Amanda