On Self Care

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I wrote this in 2017 just before I started working online. Publishing it here for some posterity purposes — and maybe it will help someone else!

What do you do when you wake up and feel a little out of sorts, a bit sad, and can’t quite put your finger on it? It doesn’t happen to me often, but when it does, I try my best to shake myself out of my funk as quickly as possible. I can’t keep going through my day feeling blue, especially not when I’m bringing positivity into my life!

So what to do? A little self-care is in order. Self-care is an important part of life. I find if I go too long without showing myself a little love, I can get pretty funky. Taking time to take care of yourself is important… if you don’t already do it – start now!

Here are a few of my favourite self-care routines…

First things first, I make a killer breakfast and drink some tea. Or coffee if I can be bothered making it. Making good coffee at home is always a chore when I know I can get some great coffee at work in couple hours. The process of making breakfast is really therapeutic. I’m standing at the stove, stomach grumbling, ready to nom on whatever I have planned. It’s tantalising, anticipating the fruits of my labour. Today, I made some vegan sausages with sauteed spinach, red pepper, and onion, and drank two big mugs of lemon green tea. 

Next step, today anyways, was turning my phone off and watching an episode of my favourite “turn your brain off” show. (Although, as there’s some sad stuff going on in Pretty Little Liars at the minute, it didn’t do too much to perk my mood up!) But usually this, or something like this is part of the solution!

Proper self-care has to have something to do with caring for my body as well. My absolutely, hands down, favourite beauty tip? Coconut oil. I know it’s a bit of a hot topic right now, but there is something really soothing about slathering it all over my face for an hour or so. The longer it stays on my skin, the better it feels. I love it. I use an extra virgin coconut oil that I bought at a cheapy shop and it does a great job. I’m sure higher end oils would be even nicer… one day I’ll have to splurge! 

I also love taking care of my nails. As a former (and relapse prone) nail biter, giving them some TLC is still a novel experience for me. Sitting and filing them is satisfying, and then taking the polisher to them and seeing them shine up… major heart eyes going on. And when I can, I give them a lick of polish and feel like a new woman. But that’s about as girly as I get in the beauty routine. Sure I pluck the old eyebrows, but no one wants to read about that!

Putting on some music. This could be incredibly good, soulful, heartfelt music that chills me out, makes me think, and I come out the other end happy and introspective. Today is not that day. Today is a cheesy pop, gangsta rap, Miley Cyrus, dance and sing to your cat kind of day. He was not amused.

And my top tip for self-care: writing. Write it out. Write your feelings. Tell everyone, tell just yourself. Writing is incredibly therapeutic and I always feel better once I get my thoughts down. Today I didn’t write about my feelings because other than this sense of unease and just feeling funky, I have no idea what’s got me down. Today I wrote about self-care. 

What are your favourite ways to show yourself some love? Share with me!


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